Touchstone Radio Online — Schedule for December 2004

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Wednesday 12/01/04 Katy Stewart Where Are the Progressives? 2 cd39-06
Thursday 12/02/04 George Welch with Beatrice Arnillas The National Coalition Building Institute 2 cd39-01
Friday 12/03/04 George Welch with Hugh Stearns GREAT - The Grassroots Education and Action Team 2 cd39-03
Saturday 12/04/04 Rich Woodward Oh, The Hypocrisy 3 cd38-17
Sunday 12/05/04 George Welch with Eduardo Bonilla-Silva The Future of Diversity at TAMU 2 cd37-16
Monday 12/06/04 Dimitrije Kostic Richard Armitage's Life of Significance 2 cd42-04
Tuesday 12/07/04 George Welch Report from Rally in Opposition to Richard Armitage as TAMU Commencement Speaker 2 cd41-06
Wednesday 12/08/04 George Welch Reagan on the Twenty 3 cd39-15
Thursday 12/09/04 George Welch and Danny Yeager October, 2004 Issue of Touchstone Magazine 2 cd43-11
Friday 12/10/04 George Welch Free Software 3 cd41-07
Saturday 12/11/04 Rollyn Carlson with Robert Jensen The Glamorization of the Media 2 cd37-03
Sunday 12/12/04 Dimitrije Kostic Continuing the Counterfeit War on Terror 3 cd37-04
Monday 12/13/04 George Welch with D. J. Grothe The Center For Inquiry 3 cd37-10
Tuesday 12/14/04 George Welch with D. J. Grothe Assault on Science and Academic Freedom by the Religious Right 3 cd37-11
Wednesday 12/15/04 George Welch with Walter Szymanski "Right To Work" Laws 3 cd43-01
Thursday 12/16/04 Wylie Harris CCCP: Conscientious Contrarian Carnivores for Peace 2 cd43-04
Friday 12/17/04 George Welch with Susan Bright Moment Broken Doll 3 cd43-08
Saturday 12/18/04 George Welch with Marla Madison AIDS Services of the Brazos Valley 3 cd37-12
Sunday 12/19/04 Nick Stransky The Iraqi Governing Council Meets Tom Lehrer 2 cd39-02
Monday 12/20/04 Rich Woodward with Rich Woodward Myths About the Death Penalty 2 cd35-05
Tuesday 12/21/04 Wylie Harris U.N. Out of U.S. - But What's the WTO?: You Can Have My Gun When You Pry It from My Cold, Dead, Food-Poisoned Hand 4 cd43-06
Wednesday 12/22/04 Adam Shriver The George W. Bush Children's Library Extension 3 cd43-07
Thursday 12/23/04 Dimitrije Kostic Let Them Eat Bullets 2 cd42-16
Friday 12/24/04 Dimitrije Kostic The Many Farces of John McCain 2 cd42-05
Saturday 12/25/04 George Welch with Charlie Jackson Texans For Peace and School Violence 2 cd43-12
Sunday 12/26/04 George Welch with Walter Szymanski "Right To Work" Laws 3 cd43-01
Monday 12/27/04 George Welch with Bonnie Adamsson Vorwaller Victims of Weapons of Mass Destruction 2 cd43-09
Tuesday 12/28/04 George Welch with Charlie Jackson Texans For Peace in Iraq 2 cd43-10
Wednesday 12/29/04 Wylie Harris Bull Corn: The Maize Maze of U.S.-Mexico Agricultural Trade 2 cd42-07
Thursday 12/30/04 Dimitrije Kostic George W. Bush, America Deserves You 4 cd43-14
Friday 12/31/04 Dimitrije Kostic Stupidity Burns Brightly at Texas A&M 3 cd43-16
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